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Our Practitioners DO NOT prescribe Stimulants or Controlled Substances via Telemedicine.

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Telehealth Services

Telemedicine and Video Visits have been around long before to the COVID-19 pandemic. They are very useful for:

  • established patients | medication refills/adjustments | follow up discussion and questions | explanation/discussion of test results
  • “spot checks” for patients with limited mobility and chronic neurologic conditions

We appreciate the challenges of commuting to a doctor’s office. As a result, we offer telehealth options to all our patients. However, insurance companies often times do not pay for video visits limiting access for some patients who often need this service the most in order to prevent interruption of their busy life and work schedules.

Telehealth Services
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When it’s possible, we will check with your insurance company to see if video visits are an option for you. If so, we will present the option of making telehealth an integral part of your care.

If you have scheduled a telemedicine visit and your insurance company denies coverage, we will notify you prior to your appointment so you can consider switching to an in person visit or be fully aware of any costs that you will incur. Typically, even with insurance coverage, there is approximately a $25 copay for telemedicine visits.

As part of an initiative to prevent long term disability and improve concussion education in our community, we provide brief, non-emergent telemedicine evaluation visits for all patients involved in any car accidents, traumatic accidents, or suffered a personal injury to help guide them to getting proper medical attention before critical time is wasted and serious neurologic injury occurs.