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Neurologist in Manhattan, NY

Seeing A Neurologist In Manhattan After An Accident

Seeing a Neurologist in Manhattan after an Accident

Neurology is the branch of medicine dealing with nerves, the central nervous system, and neurological disorders. At Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C., we define neurology as a commitment to helping the people of our community achieve the highest possible quality of life. In our Manhattan neurology clinic and other locations in New York, NY, we provide holistic injury care and preventative treatments.

Automobile Accidents: The Need for Prompt Evaluation

Automobile Accidents

Even with most of the borough’s thoroughfares limited to 25 MPH, head and neck injuries from traffic accidents affect hundreds of Manhattan residents every month. With a fender-bender or seemingly minor vehicle mishap, you may not receive medical treatment at the accident scene. In the following hours, you may feel like you have shaken off any ill effects, or you might not even notice any indications. In reality, the absence of symptoms does not mean the absence of injury.

Low-speed collisions between two vehicles may still cause traumatic brain injury. Even if you avoid having your head strike the steering wheel, dash or side window, an impact on the padded headrest alone may induce a concussion. With concussions, the least severe form of TBI, you may not feel any ill effects for days or weeks afterward. Symptoms from neck sprains, commonly called whiplash, may also take several days to appear. Even with seat belts, a collision impact may still cause spinal cord injury. In all of these cases, failure to commence early treatment from an auto accident doctor may lead to unnecessary lifelong debilitation. The earlier you determine a diagnosis, the sooner you can explore your treatment options.

Video Neuro Consultations

Free Video Neuro Consultations

At Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C., our belief in the value of early treatment is more than a slogan. To back up our commitment, we offer remote video consultations with a board-certified neurologist in Manhattan or the boroughs. Book an appointment, and take advantage of our initial evaluation with your computer, smartphone or tablet. The video session is secure, HIPAA-compliant, and of obligation.

Work-Related Injury: You Have a Choice

In the workplace, falls cause the majority of injuries. These falls may cause injury to the brain, spinal cord or practically any other region of the nervous system. As with vehicle accidents, prompt attention is paramount. Many injured workers may postpone treatment in the mistaken belief that they need clearance from an employer or insurer. If you suffer injury in the workplace, especially if you’re experiencing chronic pain. you do not need to wait for permission to seek treatment from a neurology clinic. Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C. welcomes workers’ compensation plans from both New York and New Jersey.

Diagnostic Tools: Comprehensive Care

With auto accident consequences, workplace injury or any other neuropathy, Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C. employs cutting-edge diagnostic tools to put you on the road to pain management and recovery.

Different neurological testing and diagnostic techniques can not only detect neurological injuries after an accident, but also signs of existing neurological disease, spinal disorder, or certain movement disorders. Various techniques like those for Multiple Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

Here are a few of the many techniques we may use in a comprehensive neurologic evaluation.:


If you have numbness or tingling sensations, electromyography (EMG) may reveal the cause. EMG measures electrical impulses in your muscles. In an EMG session, a technician places fine-needled electrodes near the symptomatic area. Thanks to the small needle diameter, most patients feel little or no discomfort. An EMG session records the electrical impulses from muscles in the at-rest and flexed states. Abnormal signals from either state point the way to neurological dysfunction or nerve injury.

Nerve conduction studies (NCS) often accompany an EMG session. An NCS begins with taping two electrodes to the skin near the symptomatic area. With the electrodes in place, the EMG machine then passes a small electric current between the sensors. As with an EMG test, an abnormal reading provides evidence of injury. After a vehicle collision, EMG and NCS results may reveal evidence of spinal nerve compression to your auto accident doctor.


MRI after Car Accident

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a painless procedure that uses a powerful magnetic field and radio waves to generate detailed internal images of the human body. MRI images delineate differences between bone, soft tissue, and fluid, making for a powerful diagnostic tool. In neurology, MRI scans can reveal problems with the brain or spinal cord. Once processed by a computer, your neurologist can step through image slices or view a comprehensive three-dimensional assembly of the scanned area. MRI scans can help diagnose traumatic brain injury in the immediate aftermath of an accident and provide valuable follow-up insights to your neurologist in Manhattan.



Electroencephalography (EEG) is a painless procedure that measures the brain’s electrical impulses. For an EEG at a neurology clinic, a technician may paste electrodes to the skin surrounding the skull, or the patient may don a close-fitting cap equipped with sensors. An EEG session may present a patient with visual or auditory stimuli to measure the brain’s reactions. With concussions and other traumatic brain injuries, EEGs can provide valuable insights alongside an MRI and other diagnostics. Beyond injury evaluation, EEGs may reveal the cause of seizures, brain inflammation, or sleep disorders.


A somatosensory evoked potential (SSEP) test also takes advantage of an EEG machine. This test measures the health of the neural pathways to the brain. In an SSEP session, a technician places detection electrodes on your neck or back. Next, the technician presses a small electrical generator on your wrist or ankle. This action passes a small current to the detector electrodes for measurement by the EEG machine. The current is not painful, but twitches from a thumb or toes are typical. If a workplace injury provokes numbness or tingling, an SSEP test may provide insights other tests might miss.


Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C.: The Best Neurologists in Manhattan, NY

Best Neurologists in Manhattan

Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C. is much more than your go-to site for auto accident doctors or workplace injury neurologic treatment in New York, NY. We offer holistic care for migraines, tremors, back pain and the full spectrum of neuropathy. If you have suffered injury or begun to experience any neurologic symptoms, we invite you to contact us. Our neurology clinic welcomes new patients, and we accept nearly all insurance, including:

  • New York and New Jersey workers’ compensation insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • New York and New Jersey no-fault and PIP (Personal Injury Protection) auto insurance
  • Commercial insurance plans

Don’t roll the dice with your health. Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C. team stands ready to help you today.