What are trigger point injections?

Muscle pain related to myofascial trigger points gets treated by trigger point injections.

Myofascial trigger points are directly injected with medication in this treatment & the doctor decides the best medicine based on severity & underlying cause of the pain.

Trigger point injections can include:


  • a local anesthetic which blocks pain receptors in muscles
  • a corticosteroid, it reduces inflammation in the muscle and connective tissue
  • botulinum toxin A, this prevents muscle contractions


A small needle is inserted into a myofascial trigger point by a doctor to inject the medication during the process.

People may feel a crunching sensation when the doctor inserts the needle if they have tense muscles & it usually subsides as the muscle relaxes.

What are the risks?

Complication risks from a trigger point injection are very low. Bleeding and infection at the injection site are uncommon complications. A person may have soreness or numbness at the injection site temporarily.

What happens after the procedure?

You can actively use your muscle after a trigger point injection. Strenuous activity are to be avoided for the first few days.

Is trigger point injection right for you?

If your muscle pain has not improved with other treatments, trigger point injection may be right for you. A doctor can identify whether it’s right for you or not.