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Sleep Disorder Treatment in New York

What are sleep disorders?

Treatments for Traumatic Brain Injury and Sleep Disorders

In sleep disorder conditions your normal sleep patterns are disturbed. There are around 80 different sleep disorders. Some of the common types include:

  • Insomnia – This is the most common sleep disorder in which person is unable to stay asleep & faces difficulty in falling.
  • Sleep apnea – In this, person stops breathing for 10 seconds or more during sleep
  • Restless leg syndrome (RLS) – a powerful urge to move your legs with a tingling or prickly sensation
  • Hypersomnia – having difficulty in staying awake during the day.
  • Circadian rhythm disorders – These disorders lets you unable to sleep and wake at the right times.

People who feel tired during the day suffer from a true sleep disorder. But for the rest of them, the real problem is not allowing enough time for sleep. It is very important to get enough sleep every night for an individual. Your age, lifestyle, health and whether you have been getting enough sleep recently, these factors decide the amount of sleep a person needs. Most of the adults should sleep for 7-8 hours each night.

What causes sleep disorders?

There are different causes for different sleep disorders:

  • Other conditions, such as pain, lung disease, heart disease and nerve disorders
  • Mental illnesses, including depression and anxiety
  • Medicines
  • Genetics

Sometimes the cause is unknown.

There are some other factors too that can contribute to sleep problems:

  • Caffeine and alcohol
  • Working in night shifts
  • Aging

What is “Insomnia – The most common sleep disorder”?

Inability to fall asleep or to remain asleep is known as Insomnia. It can be caused by stress, anxiety, jet lag, hormones, or digestive problems. Insomnia may also be a symptom of some another condition.

Insomnia can be problematic for your overall quality of life & health, potentially causing:

  • depression
  • difficulty concentrating
  • irritability
  • weight gain
  • impaired work or school performance

Unfortunately, insomnia is extremely common. Around 50% American adults experience it at some point in their lives.

There are three types of insomnia:

  • Chronic: when you suffer from insomnia on a regular basis for at least 1 month
  • Intermittent: when your suffer from insomnia periodically
  • Transient: when you suffer from insomnia for just a few nights at a time

What are the treatments for sleep disorders?

Treatments may include:

  • Good sleep habits and other lifestyle changes
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy or relaxation techniques
  • CPAP machine for sleep apnea
  • Bright light therapy
  • Medicines, including sleeping pills for a short period of time
  • Natural products, such as melatonin. These products are generally for short-term use.