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How To Find a Doctor After a Car Accident in New York

How To Find A Doctor After Car Accident

Obtain comprehensive medical care from a car accident doctor New York trusts! Schedule an appointment by calling (347) 602-9530.

According to Forbes, New York City saw 100,508 car accidents in 2022, meaning that many individuals walked away from car accidents with injuries that may have changed their lives. Waiting to seek medical support after a car accident can lead to a less favorable insurance claim outcome, chronic pain, and injuries that worsen over time. If you’ve been in a car accident, talk to a doctor immediately.

If you’re searching for an experienced car accident doctor in New York City, connect with Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C. for support. We provide a wide range of treatment options for car accident injuries and can provide you with top-notch care.

Why You Should See a New York Car Accident Injury Doctor Immediately

Even a minor car accident can impact a patient, contributing to PTSD, muscle soreness, headaches, and other injuries. Some severe car crashes result in paralysis, loss of limbs, and permanent brain injuries. You could walk away from the accident feeling fine, then begin to show symptoms of injuries in the weeks that follow, so it’s important to seek medical attention.

You Can Properly Address Injuries

Receiving medical intervention as early as possible can prevent injuries or psychological symptoms from worsening. A New York car accident injury doctor understands what to look for in patients who were involved in a car crash and will examine their full medical histories, current physical and mental health, and changes to their bodies and life after the crash. 

It Can Help Your Insurance Claim

New York State’s Department of Health found that from 2012-2014, 136,193 emergency room visits were to seek medical care for automotive accidents and traffic injuries. Working with a car accident doctor New York trusts can help patients file an insurance claim and potentially receive the appropriate compensation. An insurance company is often less supportive the longer someone waits to document injuries.

Problems May Appear After Emergency Room Visits

While you might get immediate medical attention in the emergency room after a car accident, it’s not always enough to ensure you’re healthy. Symptoms can show up in the days and weeks following an accident, so getting another exam after is vital to cover all your bases.

Your Primary Care Doctor Isn’t Always the Best Fit

Primary care doctors will often refer you to a specialist and can’t always address the complex injuries a car accident can cause. While they have medical training, it’s not always enough to properly support your recovery after a car crash.

You Can Determine Your Limitations

Not seeking the right medical care after a car accident means you could accidentally push yourself too soon. If you feel fine, you might return to work without realizing the accident is still affecting you. You could end up worsening your condition and getting hurt.

Some of the best neurologists in New York will thoroughly assess your physical and mental state following a car accident. They will listen to your concerns and never push your recovery faster than necessary. They can determine whether or not it’s safe for you to return to work or other daily activities with their expertise and evaluations.

What Injuries Can You Experience After a New York Car Accident?

You could experience a wide range of injuries after a car accident in New York, such as:

  • Bruising
  • Hip fractures
  • Herniated discs
  • Knee injuries
  • Pelvis fractures
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Wrist fractures
  • Whiplash

How Neurologists in New York Help With Car Accident Injuries

Neurologists in New York can assist you after a car accident in the following ways.

They Can Address Traumatic Brain Injuries

According to the CDC, medical providers often overlook traumatic brain injuries, mainly in older individuals, as the symptoms overlap with other common medical concerns for the elderly. Since 69,000 people experienced TBIs in 2021, it’s essential for a car accident doctor in New York to look for the signs of a TBI. Someone who doesn’t receive the right care could have permanent brain damage or die from their injuries.

They Can Bring “Invisible” Injuries to Light

Neurologists understand that not all car accident injuries are physical and require more than just a quick examination to detect. Some issues they can note are anxiety, chronic pain, depression, PTSD, neurological problems, insomnia, and much more. You might not have a lot of physical injuries from an accident, but you could have neurological concerns to address with a medical specialist.

Tips for Finding a Car Accident Injury Doctor

Here’s what you should consider when looking for a doctor after a car accident:

  • What insurance they accept
  • Proximity to where you live
  • Treatments they offer
  • Areas they specialize in
  • Experience with post-car-accident care
  • Years of experience and reviews

Work With Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C. for Trusted Care After Your Car Accident in NYC

Now that you know why it’s vital to see a neurologist after a car accident, consider connecting with Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C. to book a consultation appointment. We have multiple locations in New York and are always available to provide top-quality neurological care.

Our doctors accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection). Same-day appointments may be available. Call Neurodiagnostics Medical P.C. today at (347) 602-9530, or contact us online to schedule your appointment and see why we’re the car accident doctor New York residents count on.

Frequently Asked Questions About Car Accidents

What is the most common back pain after a car accident?

The most common back pain after a car accident is lower back pain, often after a rear-ending scenario. 

Should I check my head after a car accident?

Yes, you should check your head after a car accident and see a doctor immediately for a detailed physical exam.

How long should your body hurt after a car accident?

How long your body hurts after a car accident can vary based on how serious the accident was and the extent of your injuries. Talk to a car accident doctor New York residents trust to request treatment.

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